Trailer for new documentary about The Black Panthers


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This looks great, and I look forward to seeing it.


Gov. Reagan criticizing a demonstration in support of the 2nd Amendment?

What was it that caused Gov. Reagan to speak out against gun rights so forcefully on this occasion?


Presumably because the second amendment doesn’t say:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of white people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”


Yes @Immutable_Mike and wouldn’t that mean that Gov. Reagan was a conservative who “saw color” … despite all reports to the contrary?


If people want to understand the role of Black civil rights, and not just the Panthers, with the more violent end of the revolutionaries in the 70s, I can recommend “Days of Rage.” Quite an interesting book (and the Panthers don’t come off too badly).


Black folks arming themselves? Reagan was only down with white folks doing that, I suspect.


They must have been highly effective - Faux News still uses them as a jump-scare forty years later.


Ironically, many of the gun control law some white liberals support have their roots in racist Jim Crow laws.

e.g. Laws where one has to get a pistol permit or a sign off from the Sheriff office to buy a hand gun. That is still in the books in a few states, IIRC. Sounds reasonable, unless you have good ol’ boys running the system making sure only the “right” people get the permits.


Those were laws passed and supported by white southern racists.


Yeah, that’s the fucked up thing, isn’t it?

There is the problem of white, progressive patronizing of black movements.


I generally avoid discussions of gun control, since I’m of two minds about it. I tend to see reason in a lot of the talking points from liberals who favor gun control.

But on the other hand: the Black Panthers.


Yeah, it’s a complicated issue for sure. Part of the problem regarding guns in the US is not really about guns, I suspect, but the general alienation that causes things like mass shootings.


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