"Second amendment audit" is actually a massive demonstration of white privilege

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He was right. It’s a pistol that’s legal to open carry. Cops were right. He should have let someone know he was going to be waving a gun around in a public park. The ATF has reclassified it as a short-barreled rifle, requiring a federal tax stamp. They’ve been sued for making up new rules with enforcement powers without an associated law. Things are really up in the air about the legality of that particular rig.


We’ve seen it a few times. The good examples are where the POC with the weapon merely gets arrested and the gun confiscated (to be returned maybe later). The bad ones are where the cops shoot first and ask questions maybe later.


OMG I’m left so high and dry here. I was really expecting that all of those nice white gun boys were going to pull it out and have a nice old fashioned circle jerk. This was like those pornhub videos where it’s all lead-up and then it cuts to the ad before the action starts.


@jlw It’s either my browser, or the video is missing?

Anyway, it’s this, I suppose:

I do like where (at 8:24) he slips and says “We open-carried this rifle in…” instead of “pistol”.


Even if he’s part of a militia, the fact that he’s waving around guns and scaring people in public definitely means he’s not “well-regulated”. Arrest his ass. So sick of people ignoring the first part of the second amendment and conveniently interpreting it to mean “guns for anyone, anywhere”. Might as well claim that because the first amendment says “Congress shall make no law”, nothing is illegal.


Every time someone “defends” a right that’s not under threat, it is always because they know they shouldn’t have that right.

The received liberal wisdom is that taking away people’s guns is electoral suicide, because people like this would go nuts (for some obscure value of “go”). But this guy knows it’s ridiculous he can wear a chandelier of guns in a public park – that’s why he’s doing it – so his cohort isn’t going to be impressed by squirming arguments that it’s somehow a tricky question.

If someone was willing to say “hell yes I’d take your guns”, some dipshits wouldn’t like that, but they might respect it enough to be persuadable on other, more important subjects.


Emphasis mine. Needed a little more clarification.

“An education deal…”

not wrong the big lebowski GIF


This is somewhat related to the story about the reckless moron who almost killed himself with the .50 calibre rifle, in that ammosexuals are now deliberately designing or brandishing powerful weapons meant to skirt existing gun control restrictions.

They’re like the white male right-wing tr0lls who sometimes show up here and dance along the edge of the rules with their bigotry thinking they’re very clever. The difference is that the mods here eventually shut them down on behalf of the community, where the cops won’t do it to that unless they’re directly threatened (example).


@jlw Should there have been a link or video in that post? All I see is a picture and your text. Nothing to explain the source.

ETA I am using Brave Browser with shields up. Never presented any problem with your previous posts. Now, when I take shields down on this post, a video appears. Is that video somehow being tagged as something different from what they are usually tagged as in your posts?

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Thanks for making so many proper gun owners shamed; you F-ing a-hole.


“He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel.

Townes Van Zandt


kinda crazy, but where can you carry a handgun and not a rifle? for most places rifles are less restricted.


I wonder if this guy realizes that the reason he can get away with carrying a gun in public is because the Black Panthers fought so hard for that right in the 60s.


It was embedded from Facebook. I switched it to the YouTube.


I seriously doubt you’re as obtuse as you sound.

But just in case, to spell out for you where you’re wrong: The validity of the white privilege charge is that had this ammosexual been black, he’d probably be dead now.

Excellent counterexample: Tamir Rice. A lot of people wish that he (and so many other dead black people) had been treated this respectfully by cops, instead of the exact opposite way.


It’s actually all of these things, he’s a dick, he’s alive because he’s white (and the privilige that skin color implies), and the cops only did their job correctly because of the dick’s color.

It’s all about being white, like it or not.


Darrien Hunt. Shot in the back for cosplaying while black with a sword.


He meets the technical definition of asshole.

He’s brandishing a weapon; which is an implicit threat. If another guy with a concealed gun shot him - that guy would be standing his ground. :woman_shrugging: