"Second amendment audit" is actually a massive demonstration of white privilege

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The first officer on the scene was another ammosexual; his rifle had all the toys - a dot sight, a scope, a mounted light and probably some other accessories that I missed on the brief look. No doubt it was capable of fully automatic fire as well.


Well, that’s how SCOTUS interpreted it, not just “people”. I strongly disagree with that ruling with every bone in my body, but they made the decision to ignore the “well regulated militia” part of the sentence. For all intents and purposes, those words no longer exist. It’s stupid, but people who ignore the “militia” part are apparently legally in the right now.



It’s also an awfully written amendment at odds with much of the drafting of the US Constitution which usually does quite well with brevity.

As I always say whenever a constitutional amendment is proposed here “too many words”. And when they fail it often is because of those too many words and something good doesn’t get done. The thing is you interpret in the light of the rest of the constitution and the jurisprudence around that. This means you don’t need to put in extra words.


Audits aren’t free, they cost time and money. I hope this PD sends this asshole^H^H^H^H^H^H^H gentleman an invoice for the service they provided him.


I always ask “did you hug your gun today” to wannabes that flash their never fired over the top many thousands of dollars dick enlarger gun.


There is no such thing. Any organization that would have been classified as a militia at the writing of the Constitution is now the National Guard or other federal agency like the Texas Rangers. Anything else is just infantile cosplay and terroristic threat posturing.


Counterpoint: it doesn’t matter how brief of well-written it is if the judiciary ignores the first four words. I mean, one of them is “regulated”, ffs! There’s not really much room for interpretation left there.


I’ve a very, very expansive view of the 2d Amendment, I’m for very broad CCW permitting, but people who open carry are just assholes, looking to annoy people, hoping for a confrontation. It’s the same impulse that makes people play their music too loud or talk on their phone in restaurants and whatnot – they want other people to either cower or confront, although those situations are a bit less likely to escalate into gun violence.

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It’s written fine. As I understand it, the “militia” wording referred to the state militias, which were replaced eventually by the national guard.

Some states still have state militias, and also reserve the right to spin one up in case of need. Logically it follows that private gun ownership rests on the idea that maybe a few states might someday spin up a citizen militia again, and a few states still have active state militias. It’s not a strong talking point for a “Fundamental Human Right”.

But of course all that doesn’t matter, because the SCOTUS has had rulings which both follow and negate that logic. Because SCOTUS is subject to the prevailing winds of the politics of the sitting judges.


The ATF has put out proposed changes to rules, but nothing has been finalized yet.

There is an inherent problem where the legality of hundreds of thousands to millions of guns isn’t based on laws passed by congress, but the inconsistent and often times nonsensical interpretations of the laws by the ATF. Double so when they say something is ok, and then change their mind years later and say it isn’t.

Imagine what anyone except a white person playing ‘mah rights’ would experience?

Well in the past it prompted sweeping new gun laws in the 60s.

Today, if done in a group as a protest, it is tolerated. But no, I wouldn’t advise anyone to randomly open carry in park. Especially someone not white, as they won’t get the default good will.

Though that should be the outrage, that laws and rights are NOT applied/protected equally.

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If he was part of our well regulated militia, The National Guard, and he was running around with his government issued weapon like that. He’d probably be in deep shit.

If he was part of one of those militias. He probably would have opened fire on those cops.


But are their dicks really big enough to provide enough grip?


“conducting an audit”



Hard NO on that. No need for further evidence.


Well, actually, well-regulated means “like clockwork”


The so-called “right to own guns” is the biggest lie ever told to the ‘MerQAn public. And I quote:

“Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Please note the first phrase requiring a “well regulated Militia”, NOT, as the NRA and other professional gun fetishists has misinformed the public, pandering to a bunch of rampant ammosexuals armed beyond any level of reasonableness to endanger their own lives as well as those of innocent victims of their appetite for implements of injury and murder: their innocent friends, neighbours, family as well as total strangers. Guns (in the hands of people who don’t feed themselves by hunting with them) kill! :roll_eyes:


In my town around 2017, right after a store shooting elsewhere, some punk decided to walk into a Walmart with 2-3 guns and body armor to celebrate his 2A rights, and of course there was panic and police called, and of course he was white, and of course he got probation and community service or some such non-sanction. I wish covid on these mooks.

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I appreciate these guys because they show how messed up the status quo is. And so this may very well change things for the better. We all know it is a problem that perfectly legal gun display is seen as a threat to the police and public that can and does trigger extrajudicial police killings.

These guys think the solution is to get people used to being around guns in public. As a gun control advocate my solution is to make public gun display or concealed carry illegal.

This guy thinks he is getting people comfortable with guns but it what he is really doing is making people afraid of carrying in public. This is good for gun control.

We should not be comfortable when the best tool the police have for dealing with this situation is to calmly tell them that they are likely to kill them extrajudicially.

Fearing calm white haired white guys with real guns in public almost as much as black kids with toy guns is a step forward for society.

Any protest that could provoke illegal police violence is a demonstration of white privilege. If you are against this then basically you are against protest.

Bless you for this analogy. I’m stealing it for sure.