Vice obtained one of the FBI honeypot cellphones that reeled in alleged crooks

Originally published at: Vice obtained one of the FBI honeypot cellphones that reeled in alleged crooks | Boing Boing


Heaping praise on the FBI doing one thing correctly? They got lucky with that move, not likely to repeat it.



I do wonder if the timing of the pipeline ransomware brought up their schedule and the way they used the intelligence gained. Pure speculation on my part. I think the ideal would have been to leave it running and make sure they had plausible other reasons for all arrests.


Impressive restraint not to name it “Security through Obscurity OS”.

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They did operate that way for a while. For example, they told Customs agents to “randomly” inspect that batch of pineapples and found the hidden bags of drugs, and arrested the smugglers. But when it became apparent that they couldn’t sustain that level of fiction for the huge numbers of crimes in progress, and needed to be able to stop other crimes (like murders of informants), they wrapped up the operation all at once, with hundreds of simultaneous arrests.


The whole plan was starting to involve police from all over the world though, and sooner or later some corrupt copper at the Met or somewhere would have found out about the sting, and sold that information.
Or possibly, one of the many cases ended up in a jurisdiction where they would have had to reveal that evidence had come from Anom.
Either way, this whole operation was only going to stay secret for so long.

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