Vicious crackdown on Hong Kong's pro-democracy students and Occupy movement



“If I don’t force these people to accept this abuse, I could lose my job!”


“The global financial institutions in HK – huge banks, consulting firms, and trading firms – have condemned the demonstrations, saying that Hong Kong needs “stability” more than responsive democratic institutions.”

Read this for what it truly is. The global financial institutions in HK (i.e. greed heads) need people to not rock the boat so they can keep amassing huge piles of cash.

They should also be reminded that a good guarantor of stability is not increasing the wealth gap.


They don’t want stability in the long run, just long enough for them to get theirs and get out. There’re a lot of parallels between modern finance types and adventurers (in the original sense of the word) from times gone by, like the British East India Company.

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The main image for this is just an old picture from the protests at UC Davis that got… Wait, this is actually a new picture?

Hmm, I’m having trouble sorting out the pictures from a brutal dictatorship putting down dissent from the upstanding efforts of our shining officers of democracy…

Why is that, I wonder? Interestingly enough, for a shocktroop enforcing a crackdown, the officer in question still looks less like a soldier and more like a cop than, say, just picking a state random here, an officer in Missouri.


when i look at the main image of a protestor getting sprayed, i wonder to myself “what if that protestor had a spoon”?

(if you wash dishes by hand and have ever held a spoon under the tap the wrong way, i’m sure you know what i’m referring to)

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