Video about the rare black beauty stick insect

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kill it with fire. sorry.

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Go home mother nature. You’re drunk.


Beauty, as it has been said, is in the eye of the beholder. In my eye, that’s fugly!

The idea that monolithic black is the ideal camouflage for dark conditions is incorrect. It still contrasts with lighter background. You want murky, dark green, brown, or gray.

I would suspect it’s either optimized for a different spectrum than human eyes perceive or - given the bright red wings and chemical weaponry - is actually an aposematic signal.

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I thought this was going to be yet another story about the tree lobster.

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Not yet covered. Must have drink first.

I found a walking stick years ago and tried to keep it as a pet. A brown one about 6" long. I had just finished making a fish tank into a terrarium when she died. In hind sight I may have needed to spritz her down, but she should have had the water from the leaves I put in there. Which she did eat. I also learned to tell the difference between the poo and eggs she laid. I spread the eggs in the bushes, but never saw another one. Then again they are hard to see.

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Blurry shot of “walking stick” insect in the northern VA woods, last October.

That’s a very big thumb in the picture, the insect is roughly three inches long, give or take an inch.

What gang sign is that?

The one for the physicists’ gang

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Some Viking thing from Trondheim, I guess?

(If not, that’s a good description of the guy whose hand it is.)

So… is it a stick, or is it an insect?
Come on biologists, make up your mind.

Yep. Those brown ones really, REALLY look like sticks. You have to see it moving.

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Or in my case, have it on the side of the house.

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