Video about woman who fell 33,000 feet and survived

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Clearly it was the Super Soldier Serum. That woman was a badass Nazi fighter.

"She was fired from her job at the airline in 1990 after taking part in protests against President Slobodan Milosevic but avoided arrest. She continued for two more decades to fight against nationalism.

“I am like a cat, I have had nine lives,” she told the New York Times. “But if nationalist forces in this country prevail, my heart will burst.”


Thank goodness she passed out. Having skydived before, I think that’s just way too long to consider your impending doom.


My immediate go-to image is the opening chapter of The Satanic Verses.
I wonder whether Rushdie had her story in mind when he wrote it?


Illustration is clearly wrong.

the math on this, assuming a terminal velocity of 150 mph (lots more mass, but also much bigger projected area of the fuselage), it would take about three minutes.

Crazy stuff. Reminds me of this Herzog doc:


Not doubting the math at all, but also consider the stretched impression of time when you’re hopped up on adrenalin. One minute certainly can feel much longer.


My first thought too-- apparently Herzog was in the same airport as her that day, he was scouting locations for “Aguirre”.

If you can’t take over an hour of Herzog, the first 15 minutes of this podcast covers her remarkable story.


precisely :wink:

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(Original source unknown, gleaned from tumblr some time back.)



I’m listeniiiiing…


Cringeworthy narration/script and really lame graphics throughout the video – which apparently lifted 100% of its content from the Wikipedia page, some of it word-for-word. The only photo of her, that appears repeatedly, is her photo on the Wikipedia page, despite plenty of other photos out there. Save yourself 8 minutes and just read the wiki.


Here it is:

even that I cant stand herzog (I am almost certain he talks BS about missing the same flight she was on), its interesting enough to ignore his usual pomposity.

and for the german-speakings here, the original docu (“Julianes Sturz in den Dschungel”) without the annoying over-dub by himself

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Interesting story, processed into the craptastic monotone-over-clipart-slideshow genre that must represent a sweet-spot of maximal YouTube monetization for absolutely minimal creative effort.

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There’s another story I’ve heard (and a friend had also heard the story, which doesn’t mean it’s true, but at least I didn’t imagine it) of a woman (flight attendant, I’m fairly sure) who fell from a plane and survived because instead of splatting on the ground, she was skewered on something or other. Vital organs were missed and she survived.

Thanks to Ms. Vulovic’s recent death, it’s really hard to find anything via google.

2:30-3:30 answers why.



Yep, my thoughts exactly, most or all the clips appeared to be stock. Narration at times even seemed to be from a machine. Interesting nonetheless, didn’t know there was an in-flight bombing in 1972 over Europe (though growing up, it seemed there was always some kind of skyjacking going on somewhere in the world).