One woman defies neo-Nazi marchers in striking portrait from racist march in Sweden

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Looks to me like Swedish neo-nazis really like to hit the Ostkaka

There are other images of her from this march (though this one is the most powerful), looks like the police led her away at one point.

In Sweden (and France and Greece) the far right is on the upswing b/c there is currently no real socialist alternative to free market (free to exploit) capitalism.


The Guardian linked to another photo from 1985 where a woman kept some neo-nazis at bay - I think I like it even more:

(I secretly hope that she’s the grandmother of the skinhead she’s whacking)


That is courage, that is bravery.


Nope, she’s a daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Danuta Danielsson (1947–1988); picture was taken in 1985, also in Sweden. Wikipedia article on the picture.




That is a better story indeed.


Even in the picture used for the BB post, we can clearly see a police officer (probably armed… and not marching with the neo-nazis haha); so I think she was kinda safe.

wow, add this to the history of awesome photos standing against such things. first thing that came to my mind was the bravery of Tank Man in Tiennamen.


Yeah, I don’t think they arrested her, they probably did it for her own safety (although probably also just to keep any violence from breaking out.)

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White shirts and ties? Really?

They’re the “clean” ones, don’tcha know.

Or who knows, maybe they were inspired by this bullshit:


I secretly hope that briefcase was completely filled with osmium.


Those tanks were actually driving away from Tiananmen Square at the time. The event was caught on camera because the tanks were about to drive by the hotel where all the Western journalists were staying.

Have a look at the video

and tell me what is going on there, and how safe that feels. The guy who is clapping her is being shoved out of the way and he is lucky to be standing. Try how safe you feel when stand are standing in front of 300 young men intent to cause damage and destruction knowing that they despise you just because of the way you look. Police or no police.

The police clearly didn’t intervene on behalf of the guy who was cheering.

Anyone who has ever stood in a demonstration will know that it is bloody scary, and not sure how safe she is to be walking the streets atm.

Give credit where credit is do.


I’ve been threatened with a knife by British neo-Nazis for telling them to leave a black railway worker alone1. This lot were clearly trying to look respectable, but it only takes one. And nobody would have seen anything.
1 I’m not trying to claim special credit for this. What actually happened was that one of the others said to the one with the knife “He sounds posh, he’s trouble, better bugger off”. Of course, those were the days when the English class system afforded a lot of protection to the A and B social groups. Marginalised people standing up to neo-Nazis is, on the other hand, admirable. I mainly did it because my grandfather was a railway engineer and if he ever found out I had failed to do anything, he’d never have spoken to me again.


About a decade ago when I lived in Calgary, I came across 3 guys beating on another young guy at a bus stop. I got them to stop by saying I was calling the cops. They drifted away cursing leaving me alone with the beaten fellow on the ground. I noticed that he was white with a clean shaven head and was wearing a dark black suit. He was bloody but not overly injured. Only when I helped him to his feet did I realize that his black suit had an armband replete with a swastika. He was, quite literally, dressed like a Nazi.