Video and full text of President Obama's remarks on Ferguson, Aug 14, 2014

Okay, let’s assume I’m completely wrong about the ordering of his points and whether he equated silly shit to serious shit. I’m supposed to be glad that Obama mouthed some words about police brutality and freedom of the press. You are so impressed with words. For me, actions are what really matter, and Obama has done squat about police brutality (he hasn’t even SAID anything about it until the other day) and he’s proactively done more to destroy press freedom in the past 6 years than any president in history. So excuse me if I don’t applaud his lame-ass words, whatever order they came in. I don’t even know what you’re defending here honestly. Or are you one of those types who think we can’t ever say anything bad about the democrat because the repug will be worse?

It’s clear you’re extremely angry about Obama for some odd reason, and have worked really, really hard to ignore every single thing he’s actually done in favor of actually inventing fake facts about how horrible he is, but hey, here’s an entire website listing things he’s done for us. Have fun.


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The only reason I disagreed was because you basically attacked the guy’s speech for a bunch of other stuff he did elsewhere, and grossly misrepresented it to do so.

I’m not going to defend Obama. Guantanamo Bay is a great starting point for my disgust with the current administration, but regardless of who said it, I disagree with warping speeches from folks to fit a different argument.

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