Video: Ass-kicking 1930s Jiu-Jitsu with Miss May Whitley



I think the scientific term for that is a good old fashioned “ass kicking”…

For the sake of comparison, please look over this informative video of Hapkido. A Veteran of the Korean War taught our local Hapkido class when I was a child in the 60’s, and I have been practicing ever since…



I love the slow motion at the end - can easily see how the thrown ‘bandit’ keeps from actually getting hurt. I’d love to see the Hapkido in the same speed, because it looks like it does hurt. Looks a lot like the aikido I learned, except that a lot of the things we do gently, he does, umm, ungently.

That last throw is often called a ‘suicide sacrifice throw’, as it’s quite easy to defend against. It looks spectacular but it’s dangerous if your adversary has actually practiced martial arts, especially judo.

I think the second throw would be described as Ippon seoi nage

My son’s first sensei was a woman about 4’11". I can only remember one man who tried to bully her, and it didn’t go well for him at all.

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I have no doubt the old dude would kick my ass…but, is the over-the-top, soccer flop, arms and legs flailing necessary? Are they simply conveying how much it would have hurt, or are they in actual pain. .
I wish for the latter, because otherwise, it just looks ridiculous.

That’s Tomoe nage, a staple of Tarzan movies. This a “sacrifice throw” and there are others that are less risky. Not to be attempted unless you’re also ready to grapple on the ground.


They are not emoting pain. They are tapping out. Most of those demonstrations end in a lock and those hurt. A lot.

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“disl’cate his wrrrist” is my new “cellar door”

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Yes, but she did it backwards and in heels!


Please take your inquire up with the “old dude”, but I’d do it in a respectful manor if you know what I mean…

…or ready to get choked out.

Thanks. I haven’t stepped on to the tatamis in a few decades, so I’d forgotten the name of the throw.

At 1:30 is when I burst out laughing.

I’m not saying the technique isn’t serious, nor that it can’t be effective, but demonstrations like this often have a distinct problem of an overly-complient uke. In the example at 1:30, that flying through the air really wasn’t necessary…

Yeah that last one at 1:30 was Hollywood. Very silly.

According to the british newspaper Daily Mirror (that Daily Mirror?), Mr. Charles Cawkell sued Miss May Whitley because she was performing the act without him.

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What I liked about the presentation was that she made it quite clear that the intent was to be able to inflict disabling injuries on the attacker.

Of course this sort of thing doesn’t work too well once both parties are on the floor or in a confined space.

Maybe she should change her fighting style to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…