Video essay on how video essays deceive you

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At 0:20, isn’t that a still from American Beauty? I wonder if that’s an intentional reference, but probably not.

EDIT: Obviously it was a reference, but why?


Gee, I wonder why ‘the media’ (but nobody I know) is talking (in video essays) about how video essays are the future of journalism?

I do not want my news, or opinion pieces, by video. Full Stop.

If someone wants to talk out their opinion, go for it. If they want to convince me, write it down or come see me in person.


The clock is ticking. Can we get this video essay as an infographic?

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Yes, but how do I know that I can trust him now?

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A video essay describing how video essayists (sometimes non-intentionally) go out of their way to trick you into believing unsubstantiated nonsense.

How do I know he’s not going out of his way into tricking me into believing unsubstantiated nonsense?

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I really doubt I’m unique in that I’ve frequently disagreed with video essays, or agreed with some points and not others. The icon obviously is poking fun at NerdWriter for example, and I disagree with that guy way more than I’ve ever agreed with him. All the smooth radio quality voice and pretty video didn’t help, I was still able to understand his point and say “nah, I think that’s incorrect.” If you think a guy is wrong too often and needs to step up his game, fair enough, but “you sound too good while being wrong” is kind of just silly. It’s like wishing everyone who was wrong could signal their wrongness by being ugly and wearing cheap suits. Life ain’t like that.

Also the point about subjectivity misses the mark for me too. People focus on different aspects of the creative process. Saying these essayists focus too much on the mechanics of film or whatever is kind of like opening up an art technique book and being mad that there wasn’t anything about art history. The people who know about technique and mechanics don’t necessarily know about the philosophy and history, they can’t switch just because you like b better than a, or you think a is too popular or you get annoying comments from dumbasses who don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

Everyone gets people not understanding what they are trying to do. It’s like how many older people used to compliment my paintings but then say how it’d be much better if I did landscapes. Landscapes aren’t deceiving them with their wicked ways, they just could only conceive of a painting as being either a landscape or a bad landscape that accidentally got a dragon in it. It could have easily gone the other way if they had latched onto something else as the true use of paint on canvass.


Thank you for putting my palpable annoyance that this video exists into words so I don’t have to.

Hey BluShades, you want to get philosophical? Try this on for size: There ain’t no such thing as objectivity, ever.

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