Vsauce parody video


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He will go far in life, I predick.


I feel entertained, I feel smarter, and if later someone asked “What is the sun?”, I couldn’t actually answer.

So it’s just like a Vsauce video.


Hah, he just posted a comment in the video wondering why it’s blowing up allasudden. :slight_smile:


Apparently was posted in Reddit recently, i presume Rusty must’ve seen it there too? I dunno.


I don’t even know what Vsauce is…


That’s all right, I don’t know what the sun is.


About the only thing I’ve ever actually watched that involved Vsauce, I watched because it was with Adam Savage.


I have a theory that Vsauce videos contain slight misconceptions and logical fallacies to increase viewer engagement. Every time I see a video I actually know stuff about, I feel a strong urge to add corrections in the comments. Now I generally just ignore his videos.


If you said it without context, I’d assume it was something you wanted to be passed to you at the dinner table.


His videos just strike me as stream of consciousness ranting from a person that knows just enough about a topic to sound like he’s saying something deep but really isn’t.

If i were to say something positive about his videos is that it does draw interesting lines between various topics and generates thinking on a topic you typically wouldn’t dwell too much on. I don’t watch his videos, they’re not really my thing but on some level i can see the appeal.


My studies of YouTube can answer this:


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