Video explains what GitHub is and how it works

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GitLabs is similar and open source.

Also Jared Kushner’s VC firm has a big stake in GitHub (and Slack). Ick.

That being said, I use GitHub but I feel dirty when I do.


bitbucket is not open source but is another great alternative. Do you happen to know if gitlab supports Gist’s? bitbucket does not.

also for those non-develoers here, this video is taking about one of the public Git repositories. Git is a version control system for pretty much anything digital, usually code.

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Gotta take a coder’s advice when they can actually hack the OP…

anyone else see this when they view full post?


So many things to say about this video, but perhaps my number one question is: does International Harvester really have open-source software on their tractors?

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