Video: First Kiss


Beautiful. I want to be part of that kind of experience. Slightly sad too. Love it.

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Well they might not know each other. But they are in fact, musicians, models, actors and other people used to cameras, acting and kissing…

Shame really.



Yeah… maybe not that.

Flowing hair on the guys AND the girl, leather pants and bustier, underlit metal mesh stage, keyboard and purple guitar - hello, late 80s!

[quote=“Ivor, post:4, topic:25354”]
Shame really.


Unlike the author of that article, I don’t think we’re missing much just cause these folks may be more attractive and less self-conscious than average.

Salient facts: they’re strangers, and they’ve agreed to kiss as requested by a third party.

That’s interesting enough. I’d probably prefer the folks involved be more attractive and less self-conscious than average; I don’t really enjoy feeling embarrassed for people, and attractive people are, by definition, sexier.

Also, I’m not sure about this new kind of advertising, where the product you’re meant to be flogging has to be revealed by folks crying ‘fake!’ and even then the brand’s a mystery…

But I tell you what, I sure hope it catches on.

Nice vid, BTW. Touching.

I did something like this last year. But it wasnt a commercial.
Love-ism on Vimeo

This is a commercial for clothes.

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