WATCH: two young guys lip sync conversation between two 60ish sisters



Trigger warning for ugly transphobia and misgendering.


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I enjoyed these but YouTube stopped working for me before I could get to the last part of the first one, where it seemed to get pretty phobic. Now that I’m able to fully access both videos I’m not sure if the guys used that part to highlight the sad side of generational attitude differences, or what.


Agreed, I was totally right there with them up until the last 30 seconds or so.

Yeah, that just made me feel like shit. But I guess it’s funny funtimes for everyone else because, gosh aren’t aunt’s and mom’s silly!

God, I hope the woman they are talking about doesn’t see this. If so, keep strong!

… or any other trans person. Oh wait - too late.

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And then there was the adult tea party as imagined by two young girls and acted by adult men.

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I just don’t get what’s so funny about people having a totally regular, mundane conversation.

I LOVE the first one. The acting is great, so sweet and funny. Then the second one is not so good because transphobia. Its not even a little ironic given that they’re two cis guys lip syncing cis women. Not even.

This was great – why is it fobic to discuss things you might have seen, how it made you feel, or questions it brought to mind, etc.? They didn’t vow to go out and hunt down anyone or anything. They didn’t make signs and vow to change or “fix” anyone. Jeez.


Please point out exactly what is transphobic about the ladies’ conversation. Speculation as to hormone therapy or lack thereof may be none of their business but it’s hardly a hate crime, and I sincerely hope you’re joking with “trigger warning.” OMG SOME OLD LADIES NOTICED A WIG I’M HAVING TRAUMAS

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I am not going to bother watching it again for exact wording, but for the benefit of our “leaders”:

The most offensive part to me was when the 2nd lady said something like:

No, I haven’t seen her, I don’t think I want to.

When referring to a person who appeared to be male wearing clothes that were typical of females.

To suggest that merely seeing someone dressed how they feel most matches who they are as a person is so distasteful it is to be avoided is potentially hurtful everyone who might be dealing with the same issue. How would you feel if you knew that what you wore made people feel that even seeing you in public was to be avoided and they felt you shouldn’t be in public if you were going to dress in that way?


I wouldn’t give two shits if some old lady doesn’t like how I dress. If you’re “potentially hurt” by ignorant opinions of random strangers I don’t know what to tell you except go back and retake Being An Adult class because you clearly weren’t paying attention the first time around.

You seem to be missing the point that for people dealing with serious gender identity issues the language in the video can be deeply offensive to who they are as people suggesting that who they are as people is so distasteful that even looking at them is not something this person wants to do.

Further, it just reinforces that they live in a culture where a great number of people hold that view and they have to deal with that and a whole lot more every single time they go out.

It is not simply “not liking how they dress” as you wish to minimize and dismiss it.

Nice that you can insult people for having feelings about dealing with discrimination, rejection and often violence for just trying to be who they are. You learn that in leader school?


You know what’s offensive? The assumption that someone with the bravery and strength of character to come out as trans is such a delicate hothouse flower as to be sent into shivering conniptions by someone’s auntie’s quoted offhand remark in a Youtube video. You are perfectly illustrating the definition of “concern troll.”

(BTW, the “Leader” tag is just something that Discourse slaps on you when you waste enough time commenting here, so don’t bother throwing it around as a sarcastic insult.)

Yes, that is right, because everyone should be exactly the way you think they should be. Should they not react or be as strong as you suggest they should be, that is their problem and they should get over it because you have spoken.

I get it.

And I am not trying to insult you with the leader title, I know what it is, I am suggesting it is misplaced by Discourse in your case.

By they way, you asked what was offensive about it, I explained to you what I found offensive about it, I did not concern troll. Or perhaps you were just being a troll and were not really interested in what people found offensive about it. Naw… couldn’t be that.


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