'If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say,' part 2


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I love these. I want a what cis folks say to transgender folks version.

Two things:

  1. These videos piss me off because it sticks me, a rainbow-flag-waving straight guy, in the group of bigoted assholes who say things like this.

  2. You could also make a video entitled “if straight guys said the things gay guys said” which would involve a guy saying a bunch of things to a girl in a bar, after each of which the girl gives him a good hearty slap across the face. Gay guys say some FILTHY things. How do I know? I didn’t have gay friends take me to the gay bar/club - I went there with straight friends because gay clubs are entirely friendly and safe, they play good music and there is usually a lot of other munted people around. I’ve also gone to gay bars by myself because I’d prefer the in-your-face banter that goes on there to the drunken aggressive douchebags you regularly find in non-gay bars.

@iamstockier You won’t mind if I open a hetero bar and tell homosexuals they aren’t welcome then? Because that’s what you’re doing Einstein. Anyway you’re doing the ‘bitchy’ stereotype proud, guy.

historically disadvantaged

Because I’m going to take historical bigotry into a gay bar? Or is it that you don’t want me to see your secret “handshake”?

interlopers in a space that’s not intended for you.

I’ll be the one who determines where I go and when. Your judgement of the world is merely your own … and a fairly shitty one, I would add.

Hah that was great.

When I wasn’t wincing from hearing things I’ve said.

‘No hetero’. I’m taking that.


I’ll admit that I’ve made the animal-world comparison, but never as a ham-fisted supposed compliment to a gay dude. It’s a great retort to godwankers who say homosexuality is “not nature’s way” - plus I personally see humans as just another animal, so in that regard the comparison seems apt. There are hetero animals. There are homo animals. The “nature argument” is moot.

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Any chance BB could tweak the handling of YouTube videos? On my iPhone, It takes 4 taps on the front page thumbnail to get the video to play, 3 taps of the “play video” link. I know, first-world problem.

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If all your hetero privilege jumped off a cliff would you do it too?

Ugh… Straight people slumming in gay bars is just the worst. Tacky.

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What’s wrong with hanging out in gay bars? I’ve done it because their music was the best option in the area.


It may surprise you to learn that, in many areas, the local gay bar is also the only cool bar. In my town, there were two gay bars. The first was a dance club, which had a clientele ratio of maybe two-thirds gay (majority men) and one third “other.” Me and my fellow straights were there every damn weekend, for years. It was the only place in town where we could enjoy the music we loved, and one of very few that didn’t come with a risk of violence/harassment. Those of us prone to the sorts of clumsy ingratiation shown in the video clip learned from our mistakes, and were generally welcomed. I’m sure a few people resented our presence, but not remotely as much as we all resented the occasional invasion of Bros (and their “make out with girls for shock value” ladyfriends).

The other spot was set up as a quieter alternative (majority women). The feeling was that this was a more “private” space, and people tried to honor that. It wasn’t “off limits,” exactly, but it would have been gauche show up without an invite.

I don’t see any evidence in @teapot’s comment that would indicate slumming on their part. Unless what you call “slumming” is what many of us call “a vital part of our life, that helped shape us into decent adults.”


Of course gay bars are awesome (well, generally, lol).

@grumblebum hits it on the head… I feel it’s just generally gauche. Regardless of how cool you all may be with the gays, you’re still interlopers in a space that’s not intended for you. Gay bars, especially in not-major urban areas, are havens for people looking for escape. Straight people in them are ultimately hindrances.

Swapping anecdotes… I know a gay bar with good music that basically ceased to be gay as people seeking the good music drive out gay clientele. This in a small city, still relatively conservative city where there were two gay bars. Net result: less space for gay people to socialize amongst themselves, which is bad.

Eh gads, man. I mean can you imagine someone saying that in another situation and how inappropriate that is?


Sure, in some situations it would be inappropriate. That doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate for every situation.

Here though, I don’t think this is an especially controversial position. It’s not too much to expect that a group of people in a historically disadvantaged minority would like to have spaces to themselves wherein to socialize.

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The one guy - the non-talking guy - looks like Paul Westerberg to me.

as a straight-ish female who works in a male centric job, i understand your problem. or issue. it’s hard to deal with that kind of shit sometimes!

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