Here’s what happens when gay guys see each other and straight people aren't around


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So, exactly what I expected. Got it.


Did anyone else find it disturbing that the one guy left his jacket on the floor? Totally unrealistic. No gay man would do that. We’d carefully hang it on felt-lined wooden hangers (cedar, obviously).

Otherwise, pretty accurate. And now I want to go out for brunch.


Come on, now. Straight people like brunch.


only in the same way white guys like rap music


Or how the other jacket was mysteriously dropped to the floor, magically back on, then was off again and picked up off the floor?




Some where Corky St. Clair is looking down on the scene and smiling.


I never knew it was historical guilt that made me love brunch so much. I always thought it was just the pastries.


All I thought was “Hey, that dude forgot his coat”


A toasted sandwich and a cuppa tea at a greasy spoon café. And a fight, or a long conversation about the new auto detailing that cost too much. Some light misogyny followed up with some scratching and/or picking of bodily areas followed by close inspection and smelling of fingers.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah, auto-detailing conversation will inexplicably evolve into a heated debate about some kind of sports-ball related technicality.


Clearly you’ve never worked on a building site before. Brunch is standard, as is young, white labourers playing rap music on their phones.


The Swiss guys that put up my timberframe played incessant pounding thrash-oompah. After a while you realize it’s actually less annoying than rap.


Does it count as “brunch” if you were too hung over to eat breakfast until 11?


Look at them queers all mencing around like pansys. HA HA HA.


I’m not familiar with the type of thing I’m seeing.


Mencing? Surely you mean mincing? And the plural of Pansy is spelled Pansies, which should be capitalized, being a proper noun.
Very poor work. Must try harder in future.


As a gay man I will say this is quite accurate.


Whew. Way too much work/effort. I got tired just watching that.

Sure glad that straight guys just have to scratch our balls and head butt each other when passing.


What else are the Mimosas and Bloody Marys for?