Kissenger "simulates" kissing loved ones


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I was expecting a very strange story about Henry Kissinger.


You are not alone.


There’s definitely something depressing about this.


Well they are working with Disney to get the licensing to make a Wookie version, the Hairy Kissenger.



Oh, fine, I had to endure the Punapocalypse in the lounge, and now suddenly I crossed a line??



If the phone is docked to the “Kissenger,” then where is that side-view of the people on the phones’ screens coming from?


“Turn off the video, honey. I have a surprise for you.”



Rob makes what I assume is a deliberate reference to one of my favorite short stories. For your enjoyment: They’re Made Out Of Meat.


So, this is only for kissing? No other applications, right?


I bet the audience thinks this is wet-your-pants level hysterical.


I believe my crimes were relatively minor in that skirmish.

######Really I just felt like posting Futurama this morning.


I only recently became aware that there was a video version. Not much to it, but it gets the job done.

they depress with their meat

An experience familiar to many an institutional dining hall chef, eh?


That image was far better used on the “Big Bang Theory” video reply above. Ugh.


I know better than to play that video, for me it still doesn’t exist.


Install the Random Facebook Friend app and you can play I Wonder Who’s Kissenger Now?


Who called “The Big Band Theory” “Minstrel for Nerds”?

They were smart whoever they were.

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