I refuse to believe that this "smart" salt shaker is real


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Is our reality colliding with an alternate universe where Onion articles are real?


“Hello, I’m Leonard Nimoy. The following tale of smart salt shakers is true … and by ‘true’, I mean ‘false’.”


Somehow I will survive knowing that my old school stupid salt shaker is hopelessly antiquated, primitive, and unfashionable.

Knowing that it will never be hacked by criminals eager to learn all about our salt consumption helps a bit.


Wait until you see the pepper grinder they have lined up.




Oh my God, of course it’s being funded through Indiegogo, the place where mind-bogglingly dumb “products” die after reasoned reflection make bucket-loads of money and then disappear after two years of updates about


I hope no one hacks this device, deviously causing americans to consume more sodium than recommended!


Okay, I can see a salt shaker or grinder that allows you to measure out a certain amount of salt for a recipe (because it’s annoying when you tilt the box of salt, and nothing comes out, and then tilt it some more and nothing comes out, and tilt it the slightest bit more and suddenly your recipe has two teaspoons of salt in it instead of a quarter teaspoon).

But there’s got to be a better way to accomplish that than this.


Transferring the salt from the cardboard box it comes in, to a wide mouth jar I can get a measuring spoon into works pretty well for me.

But it doesn’t have bluetooth, so there’s that.


You’re far too sensible for this world.


You even need to ask? Where have you been?


Back in the day, we hacked salt shakers at diners by unscrewing the top almost all the way.

We were ahead of our time in many ways.


Pour your salt into any kind of wide-mouthed container. A jar is fine, but I really like my wooden bowl with a magnetic lid, because you can do it all one-handed.


Also, if you try and estimate a “quarter teaspoon” or a “half teaspoon” of salt with a fat pinch with your fingers every-so-often, and compare it to reality, you can get close enough where there’s no need for the teaspoon. (Of course, most of the time I’m not using a recipe anyway, but just throwing in a pinch without worrying about it.)


We totally pwn3d n00bs by filling up the top of the pepper shaker with salt so it appeared to be pepper but salt would come out!

Boy, those were the days.


Yup. Maldon sea salt flakes + fingers works just fine.


Will it still dispense salt when it’s battery is dead?

Because lemme tell you, I need more devices that are always dead when I try and use them.


I refuse to believe this “real” salt shaker is smart