Video for killer space rock tune by Wooden Shjips


One man’s Space Rock is another man’s Indy 90s sounding band. It’s a good song but missing the Space Rock vibe as optimized in this song:

I think there needs to be a psychedelic aspect there not just the driving beat.

Sorry I love debating genres.

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I hate debating genres but I love this jam!


McGuffin cutlets.

“Vjideo for kjiller space rock tune by Wooden Shjips”

I’m still trying to figure out who shot the video and where.
My best guess so far is somewhere between Hamburg and Hannover.

Anyway, they’ll be in
BERLIN (Berghain) Di, 03.12.13
HAMBURG (KAMPNAGEL Music Hall) Mo, 17.02.14
MÜNCHEN (STROM) Do, 20.02.14
WIEN (Chelsea) Fr, 21.02.14

i love the “besche Hose” , that’s a new one to me.

Must be a typo for beige. Probably someone from Frankfurt said it with an accent.

i’d rather like to think about it as intentional. Either as manierism or as a snide language purification.

Just missed these guys playing at the Ottobar, an actual stone’s throw from my house. :frowning:

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