Video game catalog from 1996 is a wonderland of gamer nostalgia

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What strikes me is how much better and more advanced the games are today…yet the price point has remained relatively level.


Taking inflation into account, prices are down in real dollars, but it just doesn’t feel like it.


Yknow, 17% of all posts here can be filed under “nostalgia,” and if that number goes past 20 the site will be taken over by AARP.


Some of us here are old enough to join. So umm yeah get off my lawn?
I was out of the loop for that era of video gaming. I was busy with college and dorkier forms of gaming.

ETA wait 1996 fuck I was busy dealing with marriage plans and real life… maybe a bit of Doom on the work PCs after shift but thats about it.


There was actually a period not too long after this (97-2000) where disc based games were usually no more than $39.99 (N64 cartridges were always $60 though). When the PS2 came out they raised the prices to $50 for new games and then when the Xbox360 came out they were $60.

Then they started making bank off of DLC and Season Passes and microtransactions and prices have held firm at $60 ever since.


The first console I ever had was a PS1. Of course this being Mexico, almost 90 percent of my game library consisted of pirated copies. The two actual games I had were Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3.


Yeah, these games, adjusted for inflation, would be between $69 and $112.

Which, adjusted for inflation, would be about $60 today. Though AAA development costs are orders of magnitude higher now (and game sales haven’t similarly increased, unfortunately for the industry).
Gamers freak out when indie games, with similar development budgets to the '97-2000 console games, get sold for $40 now. Expectations drive sales prices to a big degree, with publishers desperate to find new revenue streams to make up the difference.


I’ve been gaming since the Atari 2600 launched, through almost every major console between then and now, and a couple niche ones. In that time I had collected stacks of gaming magazines.

Awhile back I recycled almost all of them, second guessing myself as I was doing it.

But I really didn’t want to go full-on hoarder just yet, so they had to go… I’m still wondering if I did the right thing.


Your mother is so poor she bought you a Gigapet on payments.

dodges thrown produce

(Yes, I understand it was to reserve the device, thank you.)

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