Video: How to pack for one night


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Alternate approach if you don’t wear knee high grandpa socks: don’t roll your socks into the shirt, just slip them over the ends of the roll instead.

I’d like to see the shirt after it’s been banging around in that bag all day long. It might be a tad more wrinkled.

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Further alternate approach, just bring a wallet. It’s just one night folks!


Apparently this is an old army method for packing clothes, but there seem to be lots of people posting about it in my Facebook stream at the moment. The next video “how to find a shirt in two seconds” is a lot less useful than it looks - the shirt isn’t folded properly so it’s awkward to move without it losing the nearly folded appearance.

What if you want to take a shower and enjoy the next day without wearing your dirty clothes? Especially if you live in warmer climates. I don’t want to re-ware a t-shirt when it’s 116 freakin’ degrees out!

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That’s why you bring your wallet. Just go buy some new clothes the next day!

Wash it in the sink if it’s that bad.

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Pack for one night? Drugs, cigarettes, money. Maybe a spare pair of socks in a jacket pocket if it’s gonna get lairy. Wait, where are we going?


Next morning, after changing into your new clothes, you get to roll your toothbrush up into your dirty t-shirt, cover them with your smelly worn socks, and stick it back into your briefcase to keep your work-related papers company.


you can shop into the mall,you do need to bring all of your things

No. I’d actually rather, IDK, pack fresh clothes. I can’t believe people are arguing about this. People will be contrarian about ANYTHING.

;^) Exactly…

No they won’t.


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