Transparent suitcase


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The key is to put all your dirty underwear on the outside so it’s all visible, then they will be too disgusted to open it.


Nothing’s… folded… It’s, all just…jammed in there… There’s a shoe right in the middle of…nothing’s folded…


Must be the trip back home, when the packer gives less of a fuck about whether stuff comes out a wrinkled mess.


Haha! Right after 9/11 I was flying back from Mexico. It was Christmas time and they were forcing families to open everything, including unwrap gifts. The first pocket on my pack they opened had three weeks of jungle hiking underwear in it (which was only like three pair, so you can imagine😵). Zipped, official seal, and on my way.


Yes, give in to the surveillance, the more people who acquiesce, the easier it is to target those that defend that outdated idea, privacy. Never encrypt, keep your doors unlocked, make all bags transparent, naked noonday parades for everybody! :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, that would get so scuffed up and fogged, assuming it doesn’t crack or break entirely, although for $563 (US), I’ll assume they are using some decent plastic.


Ya’ bring one of those huge realistic dildos, smear some santorum on there and pack it on the outside for customs inspections.


Packing list:
-enema kit
-more dildos
-even more dildos
-fetish DVDs


And aubergine should refer to the size, not the color…



I want a shower, now.


It make me sick.


How does that photo work for someone who is a neatnik?


Folded? Only if I don’t care about wrinkles. Rolling leaves a smoother shirt. That’s important for someone like me who only irons things every couple of years. Also, things pack down tighter and it’s easier to move them without messing everything up.



I looked. Never look …


Polycarbonate is a tough plastic, so probably won’t crack. But IIRC it does scratch easily. I’d like to see what it looks like after a couple of dozen trips.

ETA to add quote by @Dragonbait1

  • dozens of provocative photos of Bill O’Reilly


That would make it much easier for the baggage handlers to know which suitcases to steal valuables from.


Like the GoPro in the corner…