Video: how to pack 100+ items in a carry-on bag


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Does this technique work if we have less than a hundred items?


What is the “bottom” of the bag? The side that’s down when you’re dragging it around the airport, or the side that’s facing down when the bag is stowed in the plane?


Crucial note: Only travel to warm locals that don’t require insulated clothes.
Also: Don’t pack jeans. Or pants in general, really.



Short of moving into a dorm, who would ever need to bring this much stuff on an airplane?


she left out “be a petite woman.”


My thoughts exactly!


I was thinking that I have a parka from my Northern Minnesota years that wouldn’t fit in the bag even by itself, but probably with a compression bag I could get it in together with 99 more “items” (eg, a box of tic-tacs).

She says in the video: she’s traveling for a year.

she left out “be a petite woman.”

FWIW she was evidently Angelina Jolie’s stunt double, so maybe not as small as she looks.


Nice try, but no. Get more items.


Oh, I thought she said she “could” travel for a year. OK, well, I guess that’s an acceptable amount of stuff then! (As long as she’s going places that never go below 70º.)


Oy vey! The last traveling partner I’d ever want is someone who’d need 100 items to travel.

Give me a McGyver who doesn’t need anything but a paper clip, three feet of 18 gauge wire, a stack of tongue depressors, and some dental floss.


Another easy tip for short trips (when you won’t need to launder mid-trip): pack underwear & socks that are falling apart, then throw them away after wearing. Plenty of baggage space for the inevitable souvenirs you’re bound to pick up, and less laundry when you return home.


Lotion. Surprisingly useful. That scene in The Handmaid’s Tale when she talks about using butter because lotion is considered too much of a luxury for handmaids made me go:

(And I don’t even have dry skin.)


If you do have dry skin, sometimes peeing on the dry patch can make a big difference - urea is the key ingredient.


Wait wait wait.
I’m supposed to pee on dry skin but not pee on jellyfish stings? How am I supposed to keep all this pee/don’t pee business straight? Is there a chart or something I can reference? Maybe laminate and keep in my wallet?


Yeah, it’d HAVE to be laminated.


He shoots, he scores!


Right general area, wrong bodily fluid.



I didn’t say “drink it”. In any case, you can use this:

It works great!