Video: Huggable robot befriends girl in hospital


The robots will take over the world. it is inevitable.

things are happening rapidly in this field. if this is where one department of MIT is, using an Android phone, I imagine the DoD has a T-1000 by now.

kill it with fire!

Much better gig than his last job


They already have.

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The first thing they say about this robot’s job is that it’s being developed to relieve anxiety during doctor’s visits for children who are being treated for cancer.

My immediate first thought was: Isn’t that the parent’s and doctor’s jobs already? I thought that was pretty much the definition of bedside manner…

But I guess it’s not unprecedented. Doctors jobs have been pushed towards the “technician for bodies” type of work for a long time now. If you only give a doctor 10 or 15 minutes per patient per visit, and you have to very specifically code every visit carefully so it gets paid for by insurance, there’s not much room for interpersonal interactions with patients besides taking the measurements, and offering boilerplate advice.

I’d say this time constraint issue is one of the major reasons why alternative quackademic medicine has become so popular. People generally prefer to feel like their doctor pays attention to them, spends a lot of time explaining what’s going on with them medically (regardless of whether it’s bullshit or true (see naturopathy and chiropractic)).

Oh, no, no, no, no… didn’t you get the memo about how we only care about ourselves now. Actually giving a shit about other human beings takes away from our own self-care you see. If people REALLY wanted to feel good, they’d go to therapists and stop asking their family and friends to care about them. Or stuff themselves silly with anti-anxiety meds, since your PCP will just give them to you, no real questions asked. /s

That was kind of over the top snarky, wasn’t it? I assure you, it’s aimed at the situation, and not at you specifically.

I suspect your correct. I dont’ know how much we can blame doctors for being unable to be present with their patients, given their very real time constraints. I’d argue it goes along with our larger problem of all of us being completely overworked…

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