VIDEO: Hurricane destruction, one century in one minute

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And yet Florida is still with us.

(Disclaimer: I have friends and family in FL so I don’t want the see the state Bugs Bunnied off, but it would be nice to see Florida Man washed away for good).

Showing increase in economic damages is conflating weather and infrastructure changes. There may be increasing weather severity over time but without normalizing for increased economic value of infrastructure and population increases over time, this visualization is potentially deceptive, unless development and population has remained constant in these coastal areas for the last 40 years.

Put another way if the population doubled in some area, you’d expect economic damage to double with equal weather event severity.


by way of example: the population of florida was under 2 million in 1940 and approaching 20 million in 2010

So, yes, without controlling for shifting population/infrastructure, this data doesn’t tell much of a story on its own

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Reminds me of my favorite onion piece:

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