Shep Smith explains hurricanes


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If everyone in Florida shot a magazine into the wind of the hurricane, I am pretty sure the shear volume would slow down the spin some and knock it down at least one category.


Don’t forget this Shep Smith classic blooper!


Just watch the video…

If everyone is dead anyway they may as well try out my idea. It’s so crazy it just might work.


Wow. That’s rough man.

(I do hope all our Florida friends are being as safe and careful as possible)


My favorite Shep Smith clip:


America, you fascinate and terrify me.

No swearing on TV… but this? just fiiiine


…and you don’t want to die a virgin, do you?


I get what he’s trying to do. He’s just gong about it all wrong. Hey could have said: “Listen, I know some of you are stubborn and think you can ride this out in your tin shacks but you’re not familiar with hurricanes if this scale. It’s very dangerous and you REALLY should consider seeking more substantial shelter. Many of the people who have died unnecessarily in past hurricanes probably thought they could stand up to them as well. Don’t be like them.”


Well, if it was maybe 75 miles to the west, and knocked every single brick out of The University of Florida’s Century Tower…


Or maybe it was a weird attempt to counteract this:


Well, that was…hyperbolic. I don’t catch much FoxNews these days, but is it this unhinged all the time?


Why is it that in nearly any thread on the BBS, there’s got to be someone who turns a wacky comment on TV or an electoral poll into “AMERICA IS TERRIFYING AND YOUR MEDIA SUCKS!”

I guarantee that no matter what country you’re judging America from, there’s been similarly wacky stuff on your local news at one point or another. Or, gosh, even wackier!


Maybe it’s part of the conspiracy to move all the Deplorables to Florida and kill them all with hurricanes generated by the Chinese, hm?


Death, O Death, how I long for thee…


And what bigger blow job than a hurricane?


While I agree that TV news tends to exaggerate stuff to play on fears and sell ads, I would guess this is actually a case of them trying to get people to evacuate, unfortunately it kind of ends up making a mockery of the situation.


Because you come from the silly American perspective of tolerance and not judging mass groups of people on the actions of a few. It is beaten into our skulls at a young age not to judge someone based on their race, sex, creed, nationality, or religion. We classify anyone who still does as “broken” and close minded.

Frankly, you are being a bit culturally insensitive here. We can’t possibly know how difficult it is to live in an Ivory Tower, looking down upon the filth of America. Many countries have a rich history of looking down on other nationalities, races, etc as inferior, exploiting the worst examples as proof that everyone fits the stereotypes in their heads.


I dunno, that hurricane looks like it’s coming from down South - ya know, Mexico.


The staggering stupidity of that tweet, and the ones that followed it, doubling down on that stupidity…it’s appalling. But I’d say it also offers us a chance to use Darwin’s Law to our advantage.

“Why yes, [trump supporter], you’re probably right that the Feds faked “hurricane Matthew”. You know what? We’ll show them! Ignore those warnings! Take the first train south to Florida, then the first cab you can catch to the beach, and then you swim out a ways and show us how calm the water is. Be sure to take lots of pictures…”