Scary radar animation of Hurricane Michael making landfall


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Here in Florida, we will forever refer to this day as… Wednesday. Seriously, though, I hope this storm gets the heck outta dodge ASAP.


I can’t understand why #RedTideRick Scott doesn’t just ban the word “hurricane” like he banned the phrase “climate change”. I mean, that’s all it takes to solve the problem, right? If you live in Florida, please don’t vote for Scott.


Although it looks really fast in the time lapse animation, in reality it’s only expected to be moving at 150 miles an hour.


Florida Governor Rick Scott warned of “unimaginable devastation”, saying it would be the worst storm in 100 years.

Oh, quite imaginable for anyone who hasn’t spent the last decade denying the scientific consensus on climate change.


…Then President Trump arrived to say that only Sixteen People would die, and higher Numbers are Fake News made up by Angry Democrats, and FEMA was getting the Week off to celebrate how Great America is Getting.


The loading circle hovered only very slightly off over the eye of the storm before the video started.

Probably the best thing any this storm, that short video.

Stay safe, if you live around that area.


Get to high ground, and bring snacks!


@beschizza Perhaps the shivers came the negative image effect that made it look like a giant snowball rolling onto the coast.

Yeah, like that would ever happen…


Antikatamari damacy


We’ll that reminded my of one of my favourite lyrics, " You are like a hurricane. There’s calm in your eye." Poetry.

All the best to the people on the ground (I hope they are on the ground anyway. Not flying through the air, not swimming in the water).



I just saw video of what’s left of Mexico Beach. Wow. It’s pretty much erased.


Sure it isn’t Anticlimate Democracy you guys have?


This is an exciting new use of the word ‘only’. :slight_smile:


Am intensely curious re

and I hope to follow this issue to the extent possible from afar. So many angles: human health, land based fauna health, inland aquatic biota health, longterm health effects based on exposure to aersolized neurotoxins, contamination of ground- and surface water, etc.

Could give this

a whole new and additional meaning.

If you’re reading this and in the Hurricane Michael’s path, stay safe and good luck.


I’m pretty sure that’s just a picture of a polar bear pushing its nose through snow



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