Video: Molten aluminum in a watermelon yields Art!


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Why is it always aluminum, I wonder? Wouldn’t copper or iron be much easier to work with?

Aluminium is cheap, has a low melting point, and is relatively non-toxic.

Copper is expensive. Iron has a very high melting point.


Very easy to melt.

While super cool, these illicit a very gross, HR Gigerish response in me. Like something that should be floating in a jar in a medical curiosities museum.

Well done!


It’s a nice standin for those subterranean ant or termite cave casts.

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Another consideration is explosive release of steam and molten or very hot metal. If you pour something like molten iron in to a hole filled with water, you are likely to see much of that molten iron ejected by the steam created. You can see that effect in the video but the lower temp of aluminum results in a lower water to steam conversion rate so only a small amount is ejected from the pour site.

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Isn’t that part of the fun? :stuck_out_tongue:


And even then, I was watching the molten aluminum flying out and thinking “Ahhh! Stand back! You’s gonna get BURNED!”

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I was thinking, “These people have obviously lead a charmed life . . . so far.”

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