Video of restaurant headbutt removed with copyright claim, ensuring everyone sees it

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something about this has me suspect that someone is identifying that person via the fraudulent DMCA takedowns in order to humiliate them. Social media platforms are eagerly responsive to takedowns and do no due diligence on their authenticity.

I likewise was quick to believe that the guy who was enough of an asshole to headbutt somebody would be enough of one to abuse the copyright system. But the thing is, he was a drunk asshole in the video. We may assume he has slept it off by now. It’s much more common to drunkenly start a fight than it is to drunkenly file a fraudulent takedown notice.

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Google does 2 million takedown notices per day. I’m not sure how many fist fights there are worldwide, but I’m going to guess not more than 2 million a day. I’m also not sure how much of the time alcohol is involved in either, but I think the average drunk person in more likely to do something stupid with a computer than get into a bar fight.

Let’s say that drunken copyright strikes are at least in the same order of magnitude as drunken brawls?


WWE promos just keep getting stranger.


“ineffective headbutt” ?

Well, I guess it didn’t kill him, no blood either. But, broken nose? concussion? I’ll have zero headbutt
like that, please


Speaking of takedowns, that’s an excellent judo takedown executed by the man in the video. And the conversation they have afterwards is pretty funny, as the drunk guy rambles drunkenly and the guy holding him down tells people not to ruin season 7 of some show.


Huh. The street really does find it’s own usefor everything, doesn’t it?


And of course the headbutter would have no copyright in the video. The copyright would belong to the person that shot it.


If this person is wealthy as seems to be the case, they may have acquired the copyright to the video. If he has hired a firm to attempt to control the bad press, as also seems to be the case, I would think that would be a first step. The more of his money he uses to fight this, the less he has for other dickish purposes. I’m generally in favour of anything that separates a$$holes from their means of influence :slight_smile: Nothing makes me happier than to hear someone has paid 250,000$ for “ringside seats” or has spent 6M$ on a Koenigsegg. ( not to imply that I think anyone who has money is an a$$hole, or that anyone who doesn’t have money isn’t. I just think hoarding money is worse than hoarding toilet paper :slight_smile: )


Has any video like this gone to court? It seems like if anything could fail to copyright’s “creative” requirement, it would be a cell phone video of a fight in a restaurant.

In any case,

This seems like a poor strategy: what are the odds that only one person pulled out their phone to record this?


poor strategy for headbutt guy, maybe good strategy for public imagewash guy. $$ :slight_smile:


I never really thought about someone being wealthy enough to purchase the copyright to embarrassing footage before.

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Yeah, that guy? He’s awesome. Calmly handles the situation, no escalation, no excessive force - just perfect. A lot of people with jobs related to handling troublesome people could learn a great deal from this man.


Whose go-to physical escalation move is a headbutt? What’s wrong with throwing an old-fashioned punch?

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The footage shot by a member of the public, while in the bar. If no one else wants it, what’s it worth? TV station might want to air it, so 100$ ? ( that’s what local stations pay here ). Does the bar have a claim on it? Some assert that they do ( they tell you not to use your phone to take images when on their premises ). If the case went to court and the video was used as evidence maybe that would put it in public domain, I dunno ? Not only am I not a lawyer, I’m part hound dog

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I know what you mean. I’ve come across viral videos where at first I think “I’ve seen this clip before” and then noticed, no I’ve seen this event before but not from this angle.


Yeah, nice takedown for sure.

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