Video of the Maui Space Surveillance Complex


Just imagine the anguished protests of the poor souls condemned to such an assignment:
“Please, sir, for the love of God, no! Not the base on… (shudder)… Maui! (sob)”


Shit. There’s nothing out there yet and we’ve already got it under surveillance.

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“Deep-Space Surveillance network, which tracks man-made objects orbiting the Earth.”

So … not really deep space at all, then. Maybe they meant Derp Space?


Did I see a “guide star” adaptive-optics laser beam in there?

I did a trail ride down into the crater on Haleakala a few years ago, and much to my wife’s chagrin, was just as interested in taking pictures of that site than of the trail ride itself. Apparently the site is also shared with some University of Hawaii-managed telescopes, and is occasionally open to the public. (though likely not the Air Force area.)

There are all kinds of really interesting/weird military installations on the islands, though. My favorite might be WWVH.

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I seem to remember reading that this type of observatory is perfect for monitoring the sky for asteroids.
So if my memory on this matter is correct, surely they’ve discovered a bunch of 'em from the Maui installation, but there’s no mention of it in the article.

Technogeekgain: Yes, yes you did :slight_smile:

Niktemadur: Maui is where the PANSTARRS telescope system is, and they have been finding a lot of asteroids.

I was just thinking what a poor choice of names, for this decade.

I highly recommend visiting this site if you ever find yourself in Hawai‘i (oh, the horror!). Go up there in the wee hours of the morning, because seeing the sun “rise” from so high up that you can see the curvature of the earth is a singularly indescribable experience.

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You mean all the green glowing, especially at 0:58? Yes, I believe so. The 'scope at 1:26 and 1:41 bears a strong resemblance to Keck, which uses adaptive optics.

But what are the purple flashes in the sky around 1:10?

We’ve been told there’s nothing out there. Given Uncle’s track record lately, I’m calling B.S.

I have it on good authority that government agencies are already listening in to every phone call placed from the International Space Station.

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