Video: Passing a candy bar in a fighter jet


I’m guessing they’ll have Randy Quaid from Independence Day in the rear seat talking about his abduction experiences. The guy in the front will toss him the Snickers and say, “Mike, have a Snickers. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”

Cut to Harry Conick Jr. impersonating Jesse Jackson in the next fighter jet.


I’m not clear what’s happening here. The candy bar is behaving like the plane is in freefall, i.e. diving, but the cloud horizon looks like they’re flying more-or-less straight and level.

Vectors? Like the ball thrown when a train is in a curve. I suppose the pilot sped up as he released the bar.

Actually this needs the mentos theme song and fail set-up.

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I think you can see him pushing the nose down during the pass.

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Eating it with the mask on, now THAT would be a trick.

The usual trajectory for freefall in an aircraft is a roughly parabolic arc, as flown by NASA’s “Vomit comet” astronaut-training simulator.

Near the top of the parabola, the horizon will appear near-level for a while, but you’ll see the aircraft nose down toward the end (as it does in the video.)

Basically, objects inside the aircraft are nearing the apogee of a narrow elliptical orbit that intersects the earth. They’re protected from air resistance by the aircraft’s shell; the aircraft’s engines pull them out of freefall before they can crash into the ground when the orbit intersects earths’ surface.

Snickers may not have filmed it, but they promoted this clip on Twitter a day or two ago. It is now a commercial.

They are descending at about 9.8 m/s/s for about 8 seconds?

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