Video portrait of a guy who quit finance to pursue a career of walking dogs


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Awesome. Thanks Xeni.

Did he amass a fortune in finance and then become a dog walker? If so I’m less impressed. If I had to never worry about money again there are lots of low-pressure, more personally satisfying jobs I’d rather do over my current occupation. Hell if it wasn’t for money and health care most of us would be doing something else.


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” --Henry Ford

It doesn’t sound like he did. Apparently he worked in finance for a few years and then just quit. I didn’t get any sense of “Now that I have five million in the bank I can do this.”

Definitely inspiring stuff, but so hard. A job for ten years and a young family is an incredible amount of momentum to just stay the course.

Seems like whenever I see an inspiring story of someone ‘following their dreams’ by taking a wacky career, they’re always leaving a job in finance.

Sure makes it seem like spending a few years in the world of finance makes it easy to be a dog walker (or candlestick maker, or knife sharpener, or world traveler, etc) for a living. Must be nice, finance!

Notice he’s an entrepreneur in Norway? Funny how socialized medicine makes it easier to be a capitalist, isn’t it? Now Americans are beginning to have similar stories - but only beginning.


It doesn’t necessarily take money. It takes personal sacrifice and a bit of gumption. The man in the video may have worked in finance, but he was in London so it’s quite possible that a large chunk of his salary went toward housing. He probably did save up a bit of cash, but you’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish if you’re not wasting your day 9-5 at a job and cut your spending down.

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