Video shows 1,000+ octopuses in Monterey Bay 🐙


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Or not as Octopus is Greek not Latin.

ETA /pedant :smile:


No doubt biding their time for the terrestrial invasion. Cthulhu slumbers lightly. ia ia phtaghn.


There is only one:




I, for one, welcome . . .
nah, I’m outta here.




He so cute!





I’ve a feeling Cthulhu just keeps hitting the snooze button.


Booklovers among you may recall that H.G.Wells wrote a short story called “The Sea Raiders” in 1896. This was a suspenseful tale of octopods turning up in great numbers around the south coast of England, and dragging a few victims to their deaths. Apparently the motivation for this story was the sudden arrival of large numbers of the creatures a year or so before. Co-incidentally, there was a similar news report around a hundred years later - 2015 maybe - I can’t recall exactly - when unusual numbers were again sighted off the south coast of England. There were no reports of anyone being dragged to their deaths, though.


Good thing those are not Dosidicus gigas (d’Orbigny, 1835). These also come in swarms of larger 1k, as far as I remember.

I like cephalopods, but Humboldt squid squads give me the shivers.




I’ll…I’ll just have the calamari, please.


Yeah; I’m going to file this under “psionics are unlikely to exist; but if they do this is where we learn that sufficient density of marginally psionic entities in one location produces a gestalt consciousness of terrible power”.

(In a more realistic(or at least not physics violating) take on thT that vein, the octopus has a substantially distributed nervous system, plenty of arms; and skin with chromatophores, some chemical sensors; and some suggestions of light sensitivity.

This sounds like it might allow for at least modest data transfer between two individuals with arms interlocked; and each one has 8, so a mesh network of sorts, with octopodes like neurons linked by their 8 ‘dendrite’ arms to others nearby; is at least conceivable. Link bandwidth would likely be lower than for the internal nervous system; but not zero.

I’m not sure what would drive the evolution of such behavior(so we might need to assist in that area); but I’d give my seal of approval to octopus clustering capabilities.)


That is not Calamari which can Cthulhu Pie.


Well then maybe I’ll just sip on a Cooler out of Space. That sounds refreshing.


Might I tempt you with some Funghi dello Yogurt???


The word just makes me happy, I wasn’t correcting anyone.