Video: Simple science pranks


“The curved glass and the water cause the image to distort… creating an effect that looks 3D”

It looks 3D because it is 3D - that’s what you get when you curve a sheet a paper.


Creative and careful use of the panorama mode on your phone is a much faster (and easier) method of getting a good shot for the head in a jar trick.

On second glance, it’s pretty obvious. It’s the first glance that makes it so great!

Are you sure? Have you actually done this?

Panorama mode is usually (always?) used by holding the camera at a fixed point in space but altering its direction along an arc. (Think: standing in one spot and rotating your head to view the surrounding scenery.)

The head-in-a-jar effect requires something different entirely: a view of a single point from multiple angles. (Think: staring at a single point [say, a statue] while you walk around it.)

Yes, I’m sure. I said ‘creative use’ of panorama mode’.

The technique is described here:

The description for the music used was a little lack luster.

Anyone have any more specific information other than where it was licensed from?

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