HOWTO make your own head-in-a-jar illusion


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I want to do this with a picture of John Barrowman’s head.

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Carrying one of these around while wearing a “headless figure” outfit would make a great halloween costume.


I found it much easier to just put someone else’s head in a jar.


Obviously fake, the opening of the jar isn’t big enough for the standard head.

If you really want to fool someone, use a real head, but not one you have murdered.

Now intrigued to find out what yellow, blue and orange water mixture will look like.

Great concept Mike.

Great Mother’s Day present.

That’s what makes a head-in-a-jar such a fun and intriguing conversation starter. It’s like a ship in a bottle!


What do you mean it will not fit through the opening of the jar? Heck, just soak the head in vinegar until it gets soft enough and you can squeeze that puppy into a mayonnaise jar.


Fun as a gimmick. The next obvious step, which I will have to take soon, will be to make pickles in the jar and actually use it for such.

I always use this method for storing my heads:

I just use a letterspike and a bowling bag.

Man, I tried to find the appropriate video for that comment but when I typed “head on a letterspike” into YouTube search I got nothing but “My Little Pony” stuff… which I did not watch. Some things man was not meant to know.

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