WATCH: turn smartphones into 3D hologram projectors


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You can also REALLY CRACK YOUR SCREEN with one weird trick:

Display this picture on your phone. Wiggle it around – the screen is cracked! But don’t worry, stop displaying the picture and all the cracks in your phone are nanomagically healed. Watch out for some of the glue stains from my first attempt. As always, thanks for reading my comments.

It’s not a hologram. There isn’t 360° of display. Even in the video – it cuts out for most of the rotation.


a parlour trick. whachyawannacallit. But nothing like a hologram, and nothing like a projection.


If those three words “3D hologram projector” hadn’t been present, this would have been a pretty cool trick. Instead, I’ve got little chips of enamel all over my mouth.


Pepper’s ghost’, to be precise.


Cool, thanks!

Teleprompters are a modern implementation of Pepper’s ghost.

Wow, today I learned that teleprompters are 3D holographic projectors !!!


Actual holograms are rather technical things, depending on interference patterns in coherent light, etc. etc. One weird trick isn’t going to do it.


Then a bathroom mirror is a High Definition 3D hologram generator.


No princess Leia sample vid?


Wow. Very Cool. Although I’d bet SUGRU’ing the four pieces would work much better.


I’d go for dichloromethane or acetone to join the pieces. Or at least epoxy. Sugru is rather bulky and the joint is opaque. Would work but not as my first choice.


Wonder how easy it is to truncate the top of one of these?


Not a hologram. If the projection surface varied with depth it would be a hologram. This is just 4 2d images on a HUD with 4 corresponding sides. It won’t continuously rotate as you move your head within one pane and you won’t have depth perception to distinguish between parts of the object.


It’s an intelligence test.



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