Video: That photo has probably been taken already


Most of these are memes though where the whole point is you are taking the same picture a thousand other people take. No one thinks they are being creative when they do the Tower of Pisa gag.

Darn it, I’m having to use the same words as everybody else, too!!! :-0

I can buy better photos, just as I can buy better food at a good restaurant, but its still fun and satisfying to take my own photos - or, at the very least, it says “I was here”.

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Hey! Cool! My aunt made a video like this, too!

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Only 12 music notes? How will anyone ever make a unique song?


ALthough there are many musical scales with other than 12 pitch octaves, let me introduce you to fun with 43’s Harry Partch.

the bane of any freshman-level photography instructor.

One of my favorite SF novels of the last decade or so (Lady of Mazes, by Karl Schroeder) has a scene where one character is doing an art project and another one, trying to be cruel, asks the ubiquitous AIs that monitor everybody, to show all artists working at that moment, then all artists working at that moment in that particular medium, then all artists working at that moment in that particular medium on works that look very much like that, and, because there were many billions of people, there were still a high number of duplicates (his point was that no matter what you do, you’re just one panel of a repeating wallpaper in a scene just like this).

I have no point, I’m just bringing it up (and also I never give up an opportunity to plug that book).

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