Videos of 11-foot-8 trestle eating 12-foot trucks


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Is it that special time of year again?


I think that trestle doesn’t care about the seasons. :slight_smile:


I guess I’m more referring to the fact that this trestle keeps making an appearance on the BB. It’s like it’s a yearly thing now. I sort of feel like we need a holiday around it.


I am always glad to see new videos of it though.


The most recent incident…




I love how, at great expense, they put up a fancy new warning system with traffic lights that turn red if an overheight truck approaches, and trucks continue to get eaten. Proof positive that you can’t fix stupid.

If anything, the new setup made it worse; inattentive driver sees the light start to change, somehow fails to notice the big “OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN” sign that just lit up, and thinks “I can beat the the lights… FLOOR IT!”


Dammit, I misread the headline as ‘ducks’.



If that was some kind of an optic system, it might have been a really expensive mistake for the driver.


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