Videos of octopuses changing color


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The most amazing thing to me is that they don’t just change their colour, but they can also alter the texture of their skin to mimic whatever they’re pretending to be, like this guy pretending to be a bit of seaweed (or coral?):


Unlikely to show up in Japanese restaurants then. Probably.


Octopi change colors around here every 4-6 months, and it just never gets old. :two_hearts:


Videos of octopuses (and a cuttlefish)


Octopus are cool looking, Trump is racist - BoingBoing is bringing all the latest news this week :wink:




Recondite cookery.


If these things can change colour & texture, how do you know it is a real blue-ringed an not an impostor?



Thx for the feature :octopus:


WTF is going on there? I like squid as a dish … but dead!




Cuttlefish have a higher frame rate.


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