Vietnamese swimmers ferry passengers across flooded rivers in plastic bags



Three things

  1. Three thousand cheers for entrepreneurship
  2. That’s an insane amount of trust the baggees are putting in the baggers, and at a charge. What’s on other side must matter a great deal – job, family, etc.
  3. I feel fortunate that I don’t have to do that ever.

Mmmmmmno. That’s just not my bag, baby.


I guess that’s the advantage of not living in a litigious society. You can have people setup makeshift and dangerous transportation for profit without worrying about being sued when someone inevitably dies.

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whenever ANYONE complains about ANYTHING? they should be shown this video, and told “dont wanna hear about your first world problems”

Mommy always told me NOT to wrap myself in a plastic bag.

I am so claustrophobic, I would freak out in the first 30 seconds of the swim

doesn’t this look like grocery store packaging for crocodiles?

in conclusion? OMG OMG OMG


That is amazing.

I guess if it’s safe enough for someone to swim across while hauling someone else in a bag, it would be safe for someone to swim in their clothes should the ferryman lose his grip on the bag. That is, the service being sold is not “getting across the river,” it’s “getting across the river in dry clothes.”


If they can swim.

Once you’re sealed in, it would be bad time to have panic attack and hyperventilate.

But it’s good use for Banana Bags

Just look at it.

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There have got to be better ways of getting across a river, dry clothes or no.

When the flooding subsides, they can also re-brand as “Ancient Vietnamese Re-birthing Therapy” and make some REAL money off of the Eat, Pray, Love set…

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No trip to South East Asia is complete without fearing for your life while in transit but this takes it to a whole new level.

I don’t think I would fit in that bag. Maybe they have different sizes?

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Why are the channel logo and subtitles swimming around? If I had to guess, someone took a TV recording and put it through some form of image stabilization - but that seems like an oddly high amount of effort to go to.

I was somewhat surprised they didn’t sling a rope across at some point. Particularly when they haul the motorcycle across, that just seems like a natural case for simplifying the job of the people in the water - “You lot just hold the rope with one hand and the bike with the other, and keep your heads above water. We’ll haul you across, don’t worry about that.”


In my weak understanding of the language, what you guys wrote about the video is pretty much what they talk about. The reporter explains about the condition of the river flooding that the locals found a way to cross the river. And it’s surely a dangerous one. You’re locked in to a bag where things like time, suffocation, and punctured whole can spell death. The lady being interviewed explains that getting around this flooded area takes hrs to get around. I think she says when she met these guys, she was given a quicker way to pass through. She feels scared in the bag as you don’t know what’s going.

Suffocation, this is suffocation.
Suffocation, this is how it goes.

Man, suffocation would be the least of my worries. What happens if the guy holding the bag slips and lets go?

I was swimming with some folks from El Salvador and I asked if most Salvadorans could swim and they said “Yeah, that’s the only way across the river!”

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Try Boston’s Storrow Drive when it’s 70mph, bumper to bumper, and the underpasses are filling with rain water. You’ll relax thinking back to your ziploc ferry ride.

You get wet…?

I think YouTube does it for you when you upload.