Vincent Price as January Q. Irontail


I remember watching this on its first airing. My sisters’ friends’ mom let us come over and watch it on their color TV set. (A luxury we didn’t get until the late 70s.).

I haven’t seen it in at least 20 years. If I remember right, the plot involved time travel. Or am I just remembering that?

Rankin-Bass did lots of non-Christmas specials. There was a special about Smoky the Bear (with a followup Saturday morning TV show, unless I’m imagining that too) and Thumbalina, which had a creepy sequence in which a mole-man had spiders weaving a wedding dress to use in a forced marriage.


I’d bet Vincent Price enjoyed the chance to really camp it up in this role, but his trademark creepiness was his ability to deliver scary lines as if he were smiling while having a deadpan expression on his face. If you try a Vincent Price line like this one from House on Haunted Hill you can see what I mean:

It’s a pity you didn’t know when you started your game of murder that I was playing, too.

See? You automatically get Price’s rhythm. This also works as Anthony Hopkins doing Hannibal Lector.

I didn’t know Conan O’Brien narrated that!

The Thumbalina thing was part of their feature film, “The Daydreamer,” about Hans Christian Andersen. Just in case you wanted to see it again.

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Kacey Kacem as Peter Cottontail–or is it Shaggy? Or Robin?

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