Watch the only time Vincent Price performed the "Thriller" rap live

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What an awesome, consummate professional he was. An artist in the kitchen as well.




Now all we need to complete this is the followup spoof “Diller”. where Phyllis does her trademark laugh…

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Vincent Price will always be, to me, Mr. Lugubrious.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

the evil of the smeller

Vincent Price was a national treasure. I’ve been watching his movies every night for the last two weeks and am constantly amazed at his talent to be campy and serious at the same time. Last night was Tales of Terror and in Morella, the way he switched on a dime from drunken hatred to remorseful and repetent father was a thing to behold. He was also a gourmet chef as several others have pointed out, and I understand a genuinely kind and compassionate human being.


It was “live” for the studio audience, and in the sense that those talk shows are usually shot in real time but not broadcast live. So, in a sense, the original studio recording was live, too, performed before a handful of recording engineers and musicians.

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