Vampire Kermit vs Vincent Price



old headline

Now in new and improved color! :smile:


The man had style, and a sense of humor… including a willingness to laugh at himself… and a lot of insight into his craft. A very underrated actor, in my opinion.


sigh. i remember watching it when it aired. : \

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I’ll just leave this here, as they say on the internets.

I met Mr. Price at a local restaurant in the early 80’s. He shook my hand and looked me in the eyes with a big smile.
I’ll never forget that, and am reminded every time I watch one of his movies.

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I absolutely remember watching this on TV as a kid. It certainly wasn’t live, though, since apparently he was on the Muppet Show in 1976. And looking a bit closer at The Muppet Show’s Wikipedia entry, it’s doubtful any of my Muppet Show memories are actually of live broadcasts at all (since it stopped in 1981, and I was only 3 at the time)

Plus he had a wonderful voice. I love old time radio shows in general, but The Saint is my favorite, for his voice. Some folks associate his voice with horror, but he did seductive well too.

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