Listen to Vincent Price's delightful 1969 lecture on witchcraft, magick, and demonology


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Worst rap ever.

So what qualifies Price here? Just being in scary movies? Is he reading a script prepared by an expert, or just makin’ stuff up?


The man could make a discussion of gourmet cooking seem dark and sinister. Look what he does with 30 seconds for a board game commercial:



Bookmarking this to listen later. This should be delightful!


Ah, the topics are synergizing again.



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I had a copy of this album years ago but could never listen to it because it had what record collectors sometimes call “the Reprise disease”-- on many LPs pressed by Reprise in the late 60’s (Electric Prunes LPs often have it) there’s a cloudy, milky haze on the vinyl that makes lots of surface noise.


He even made mildew into a terrifying thing:


The man had a masters degree in fine art/art history and both wrote and spoke extensively on food, culture, history, art, among other things.

Even discounting his acting career the man was brilliant.

If memory serves he wrote articles and at least edited a couple books about the occult and horror. Though I’ve not ever run across them. His writing is largely out of print, with his cook books and food writing just being re-released now.

That said he was also an inverterate recaunteur (read: classy sorta bullshit artist) and entertainer. So could be BS/inacurate. Don’t have time to listen to it just now.

ETA: So figured I’d try to listen to this instead of a podcast as I finished my day, but my mobile data connection didn’t hold out. But based on the first 20 minutes or so, I dunno that I’d even characterise it as a “lecture”. More Vincent Price tells you spoooooooooky stories about all the spooooooky things. Definitely a work of entertainment. But so far he is drawing from actual claims of Neo Pagans and New Age occultists, folklore, and then current popular understandings and claims about the subject. So not an academic thing in the least. But “accurate” in the sense that it’s a work of entertainment drawn from actual beliefs and bits of reality.


My all-time favorite is the CitiBank VISA/MasterCard commercial where his wife is explaining that they used their CitiDollars rewards to get something “strictly for Vincent” - then the camera pans to where Vincent is watching his new bug zapper with a gleeful look on his face.


Thanks. Here’s the video. Delightful!



c.f. his intro to the Hilarious House of Frightenstein (many Ontarians of a certain age will know this be heart - thank you CHCH TV (Hamilton)). When I was a little older, I was then unsurprised to see him in so many horror movies.


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