Vincent Price ring


This is not a ring; it’s a brass knuckle.

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The prospect of getting punched in the face with Vincent Price’s face is awesome and just a touch disturbing.

ZOMG Paul Komoda! I knew him back in the day of Click n Drag at MotherNYC. SO good to see that he’s still out there making amazing art. I am outtaworko but will throw in what I can.

To anyone who can pledge $100 for one of his drawing sheets: DO SO. I remember going through his sketchbook at the club, and being ASTONISHED at his style. Think Geiger meets Axel Jewelry meets severe tentacle anime. Back in the day, he even worked with Axel IIRC.

If I had money in the bank I would just send him at least a thousand dollars just for his SKETCHBOOK, or have him make me a wax blank for a ring or something.

Paul, I love ya, hang in there!

When I saw the title, I was kind of hoping this would be about some kind of illegal enterprise. You know:

Police in London today arrested 35 suspects in what is believed to be
a “food for art” Vincent Price ring. Police say that members of the
ring laundered third-rate impressionist paintings in exchange for
exquisitely prepared home-cooked meals in the mid-century modern
style. The Met Office claims this is the largest Hollywood-themed
criminal conspiracy in the UK since the Taylor-Burton costume-jewelry
heist in 1978.


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