Vine bans sexual content




Great, so now only people with non-genital-related fetishes can use vine for their arousal-- way to discriminate Vine!


So, somebody on the staff said "I really think I and crack team of employees should pore through everybody's submitted footage in search of sexual content. We're going to need some petty cash for lube"


Beat me to it (see what I did there?). Given the propensity of image sharing that's developed in our culture, is this becoming a new job market--Sex and Violence Oversight, Inc.? Now that I think about it, that's probably not a bad entrepreneurial enterprise, being the go-to company for screening photos and videos...oh, wait, NSA and GCHQ have that market wrapped up already.


How long do you think before there's a poorly-realised attempt to automate the process of skimming through content and blocking 'inappropriate' stuff?


I can see where this thread is going. Which is probably why I read that as "blocking inappropriate stiff."


And there I was, rising above it all... ;p




So this would not be ok?


Shall we call them... red Vines ?


Translation: We're still fine with big-breasted women jumping up and down, but don't you dare have any suggestion of male sexual anatomy!


IIRC China's Green Dam filter blocked things based on large amounts of skin tone, which meant that things like pigs or Garfield the cartoon cat tripped it up, but b&w hentai didn't.


A university I studied at experimented with a filter based on detecting the percentage of pink in an image. It was put to rest after the students found out and started sending pictures of the pink panther, peaches etc etc... much fun and hilarity was had making the server die over and over...


they better think long and hard about this.


Peaches, as in the fatherfucker?


Thanks, guy who had sex with a Hot Pocket!


I scorched my mouth pretty severely with one of those fresh out the oven as a stoned teen years n years ago.

I only learned now how lucky I was that day.


that's definitely a hip gnosis


Can't find it now but I read an article years back about the low paid staff that Facebook had screening photographic content - it was kinda horrific. Akin to that scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex is being programmed.


Caught that article myself (and I think it was talked about here on BB, too), which led me to the thought of outsourcing such a task. I'd guess there's high turnover in an office like that, "Hey Bob, check out this otter-to-anal the way, where are we eating lunch today?", and besides, maybe there's a GCHQ contract in there somewhere...