Vintage Apple Computer sneakers up for auction

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Somebody’s smelly old sneakers just doesn’t give the wows.


I really miss that rainbow logo.


Early implementation of SneakerNet there.


And I miss their condensed Garamond.


Sooo… these might be the shoes that John Sculley wore when he kicked out Steve Jobs?

(Entry in Jimbopedia doesn’t state his shoe size, alas.)

And we all know that shoe size matters…

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Good god they look like something Steve Jobs would wear. He was probably buried in a pair.

I’d sooner buy 15 pairs of shoes and give them to homeless people as opposed to shelling out ‘ego-dollars’ on this auction.

Apple’s far superior rainbow logo


Are they Vans?

(Steve) Capps dressed idiosyncratically, almost always wearing a long sleeved, white dress shirt with cut-off denim shorts, white socks, and a distinctive type of checkered sneakers called Vans. In fact, Capps had just given everybody on the team a pair of Vans as Christmas presents.

Going through my storage room the other day, I found a rainbow logo Apple tie tack from when I worked for an Apple dealer/repair place in the early 90s. Probably isnt worth $15K though.

Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. These sneakers are only valuable because some people with bad taste, fucked up priorities and a lot of cash consider them so. Just find the target idiots for your tie and take their money without regret.

There is a minimum bid, sir.

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Thats one view. One other possible view is that these are a bit of 20th century historical ephemera. Odder things than this have ended up in museums and are assigned high monetary value.

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Little does the buyer know that there’s a secret concealed in the shoes that people will kill to recover.


I love that scene and he played it so well.

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…and BURN it!

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