Viral Chinese mobile game requires players to "applaud" a speech by President Xi Jinping


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This isn’t the dumbest tappity-tap games that people play. But sadly some small fraction of people don’t realize it’s a game. My main problem with China’s Communist Party is they take everything way too seriously.


Someone’s testing out the gamification aspects of China’s forthcoming Totalitarian Whuffie scheme.


But how does it affect my Citizen Score?!


You would too if you had some of the same oopsies they had in the past.


Coming next: Trump Edition!



It’s all good unless you’re the first to stop.



Mao wouldn’t deliver anything under 5 hours on occasions like this.


Dear Leader wants your applause. Applaud, citizen.


So it’s like the Thoughts and Prayers game but with Chinese characteristics.


“… played nearly 860 million times as of Thursday morning, according to the website What’s on Weibo.”

Uh huh.

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