Popular Chinese video game invites players to "hunt down traitors" in Hong Kong

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/12/09/popular-chinese-video-game-inv.html

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I’ll bet the Social Credit scores of those who use this fascist game get a little boost, too, gamifying the game business itself.


I hear Dan Scavino is hiring a localization team. Serious applications only. Apply through the White House.


Don’t give Trump ideas…


Global time is a propaganda news and the information you found there is quite inaccurate.
Yes, there is game to “beat” HKgers,
But the popularity is extremely low.
And the game quite stupid as you win in 5 mn max all the time.
Spoiler alert.
HK protester are all dead at the end.
A non event.


Oh, thanks. I was worried. So long as the game is short and all of the political opponents of the government are dead at the end it’s no problem apparently.

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